Gaston Y Daniela Gaston Y Daniela Gaston Y Daniela
Gastón y Daniela is one of the most important fabric houses in the Spanish high-end textile industry. Offered in the U.S. through Kravet, luxury collections by Gastón y Daniela include an array of opulent textures, colors and styles that combine to create cohesive, sophisticated interiors.
Gaston y Daniela encapsulates the bright colors of Africa in their new collection, Africalia. The patterns are inspired by the diverse nature of the continent, from mud cloths in Mali to drawings from South Africa or ancient designs from the Congo, Namibia and Kenya. The collection features a variety of textures, finishes and colors, representing the richness and historical aspects of Africa. Jacquards are presented in different scales, prints incorporate botanical and local inspiration, while colorful embroideries are influenced by tribal tones. Search Africalia Collection


Gaston Y Daniela | Lorenzo Castillo III


Lorenzo Castillo has emphasized new techniques which allow for the combination of texture and pattern
Gaston Y Daniela | Tierras


Re-workings of historical elements taken from the decorative arts as well as inspiration from the 1960s pop art aesthetic