Crypton Home
Crypton Home Fabrics provide paramount protection from stains, odors and mildew, and are engineered to maintain performance for the life of the fabric. Value-priced, Crypton Home fabrics are recommended for use in high traffic areas and are both durable and cleanable. As part of the Kravet Smart Program, these fabrics are free when applied to Kravet furniture, and they’re Guaranteed-In-Stock for orders up to 100 yards, so fabrics can ship in just days. Design without compromise.
Kravet introduces the latest four-book set of Guaranteed in Stock. The GIS set features striking Crypton Home finished fabrics sorted by associated colorway: Honey, Agave, Seaspray and Glacier Blue. Search GIS Featuring Crypton Home Collection
Crypton, Inc., a Detroit-based performance textile company, and Kravet introduce their first residential collaboration: two books, Crypton Home Textures and Crypton Home Chevron.
The soft, durable and well-designed Crypton Home Textures fabrics are styled in a woven pattern and available in 40 colorways in a range of indigo and spa blues, warm neutrals and charcoal grays. Its sister collection, Crypton Home Chevron, showcases a woven chevron pattern in contrasting sunset hues with deep grays and accents of camel and taupe. The pattern is offered in 32 colorways.
Crypton Home Fabrics provide permanent protection from stains, odors and mildew, and are engineered in a way that transforms each fiber at a molecular level to guarantee performance attributes for the entire lifespan of the fabric.
In addition to the Crypton performance technology, these fabrics are part of the Kravet Smart and the Guaranteed in Stock programs. Kravet Smart fabrics are free with the purchase of any piece of Kravet furniture, and the in-stock guarantee means no long lead times for orders up to 100 yards.